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01 May 2012 @ 01:00 pm

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Hi to everyone reading! I know it been a couple of years since I posted here. Well actually I made a few entries that I set on private, but other than that I deserted my lj. T_T There were a lot of personal things I wanted to write about, but never did. I mainly reblog or post photos on Tumblr instead writing text post. So I decided to write down all the fan accounts I have from last year here, but starting with 2014 and then working my way back, before I forget. lol

So a loooot of people have been asking me how did I manage to get on live Arirang TV.

On my instagram I post pictures of myself on screen behind the kpop singers, which called the live audience. There is no secret behind getting on. Just apply.

Prior to the new rule, it was first come first serve, so the earlier you applied the more likely you were to be chosen.

However, now they say it's completely random.

Your chances of winning live audience also depends on the popularity of the singer that is coming to the show.

The live audience hangout rooms have to be muted, we can only communicate through typing.

Whether I won it myself, or someone passed their spot to me I've been lucky to attend the live audience of; Bangtan, Bigstar, Tasty, SHINee, Boyfriend, and U-KISS. I passed the B.A.P one to a friend. I got Bigstar and Tasty from friends. Had the opportunity to do VIXX, TOPP DOGG and The Boss, but for VIXX the show invited over 300 people invited and I could not secure a spot in time for such limited spots. (So sad since it is my #1 bias group) For Topp Dogg my internet connection failed. For The Boss, I was invited really late and I was already comfortable in bed. (lol) I could tell that not a lot of people applied for that particular episode. I contemplated applying for The Boss' Hangout, but I didn't have anything to show.
See here, my giant floating head in the background. -> For some reason I was doing something "cute" behind Tasty, and there I am getting unexpectedly zoomed in on during Bigstar
                      Tasty ascbigstar asc
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First off, I would like to express my thankfulness for AsianPopAddict Radio. It really filled in what would be very mundane parts in my life. ^_^ 

As for the Entertainment world, I am still not entirely sure if I should be thankful this or not but.... 

These male idols seem to have given up on wearing their underwear. 2011 must be year of the peen! 

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 I log on to twitter today and I see a friend, (shout out to Candice) send a message to Kyung of Block B reassuring him not to worry about haters. I ask, what is it now? She shows me where a person posted a screen cap of Kyung's twitter page, saying that he blocked that person from following them. ->
First off, If the guy "did" block you, it was most likely an accident. It's common for people who are newish to twitter. However this screen cap looks edited. There is even Paint opened at the bottom of the screen.. which is either just what she used to cap the profile, but it could also be where she edited it to look like she was blocked.
If she were a true fan, she wouldn't be so quick to  spread that kind of information.
I mean judging by all the previous spams the person sent Kyung, I wouldn't blame him at all if he in fact had blocked her. (lol) 
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sorry my lj post is weird with that wide space at the top. -_-;
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10 April 2011 @ 03:48 pm
I wasn’t going to really say anything and drop it. However I’ve seen some commentary that seemed confused to why he felt like he needed to make an apology for his actions on the “100 points out of 100” show. Some even say it’s stupid or ridiculous. (I can’t say I’m preaching to the choir or tweeting to my followers either, because I saw what I saw)

He did the right thing, he owned up to his actions like the decent guy he is and showed some respect and showed he actually cared and took to his twitter to say what he said.

No offense, but if you are not a black person, you can’t say he didn’t have anything to apology for. Fellow fans, I love you, but some things you just think about a little deeper before you judge.

Sometimes for AA women and girls, Kpop is an abusive boyfriend we continue to love and support after being slapped around time and time again.

Add that to the general stigma that we share with even native kpop listeners, that we aren't thin enough or have the right appearance to be attractive to the people like the ones who sing these songs.

Slightly his defense, I’m not calling Brian a racist; I think other people like me aren’t saying that either, a lot of us know of his American background. He didn’t mean to offend. I believe in him, but damage is done. I will continue being his enthusiastic fan and support him as usual. I’m glad he was exposed to the feelings of other black fans and realized the fault.

But, I saw some of the tweets sent to him, and I don’t approve of the overly defensive or threatening tone used to expressive their dismay. I’m not sure if they knew much about him before making the tweets, they probably did. I just encourage you to be more diplomatic in the way you express your anger or disappointment. (You know, not enforcing the stereotype you felt so offensive in the first place? Okay?)

In the past 5 years or so that I have been listening to kpop and watching variety shows. I know that, that is part of Brian’s display of humor, as the diva and, some viewers and some fellow artists expect that behavior from him. (where I usually find it cute and funny, I am not sensitive to it) This case was no different for me here watching this first part.

I haven’t watched episode of the show yet, and I am still wondering why they were like that in the first place, because the first video starts of, with Tony greeting Brian with “hey gurl~” They are pretending to be foreigners for some reason. Is that part of the script? I have to wait for the subbed version of the show to come out.
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14 December 2010 @ 01:29 am
 Yo, I know it's been  awhile. I haven't posted in months and months. I blame that tumblr. Darn you tumblr and twitter. 

So a few days ago. KwangSoo of Supernova/Choshinsei had a decided, hey I have over twenty thousand twitter followers now, awesome, i'm going to have a contest. Since I've followed Kwangsoo for quite a while, I cant help but notice and actually look forward to his very regular tweets. Even if the tweets are something like "good morning, have a nice breakfast", "have a nice lunch", "have a nice dinner","happy birthday", "gym time" "i love you" ... you get the point and  he often retweets things a fan sends him, he finds interesting.On top of that maybe the other 50 percent of those tweets being nice selcas. (self cams)

I say out of those selcas, Kwangsoo is doing a "Jude Law" pose, being a big fan of the actor, he does it alot, it's really cute. Check his display photo for a good example @anankwangdayo . (the "anan" is related to the Japanese magazine he and his amazing body were featured in earlier this year lol) So he was like; ya'll know how I always do that pose? ya'll do it and send it to me and I'll pick the winner. However don't worry I'll pick a winner a country. <- lol

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So a lot of you may know, I like making posts, when I can talk about those idols I like so much. lol. A while ago  I found some articles talking  about what makes guys seem attractive and blah. However as I read  through, I could see the qualities exhibited by some of the idols.

For this one I'll use Mblaq's Seung Ho, since for me, I found it easiest to see a lot of these in him. Though he isn't exactly my number one bias, I give him props for being really cool like that.


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03 May 2010 @ 10:16 pm
Saw it in a forum, decided to also add mine here. I mean it took a little while to think them up, LOL
1. Yokoyama Yu

2. Sakurai Sho

3.Tadayoshi Okura
4. Koyama Keiichiro

5. Iruka Toma

6.Shingaeki Kato

7.Okada Junichi

8.Takahisa Masuda

9.[b]Shibutani Subaru

10.Masaki Aiba
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01 May 2010 @ 12:00 am
myspace comments
Bias gurl is Bias cuz we have the same b-day, lol

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For those unfamiliar with the Korean group One Way
Check out this Music Video for "Magic"

Public Service Announcement. LOL

Legend: onewaypeter = Peter
             heiressofknives = me
             JinAe = founder
Cixel = co-founder
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